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Marijke De Boer

Marijke de Boer, 35, works as a freelance marine consultant. Her work involves conducting research on marine mammals but she has developed a keen interest in other marine creatures too. She studied Marine Biology in the Netherlands and has a MSc degree in marine ecology (1996). Her work has brought her to exciting places such as the Arctic and the Antarctic.
Her passion for photography was triggered whilst studying killer whales in Canada. She bought her first digital SLR in late 2004 and has since used it intensively in both the Azores and the North Sea! Photographing  dolphins can be technically very demanding. However, she has found her digital SLR to be invaluable. Her main challenge has been to photograph  dolphins in their own environment and to collect photo-identification images of whale flukes or dorsal fins showing characteristic markings. The latter is of great importance when trying to ascertain migratory routes of dolphins and whales.

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